Cheat Ninja Saga 4th Anniversary Free Pet Chick Ninja Saga 2013

Cheat 4th Anniversary Battle Free Pet Chick Ninja Saga 2013Reward Free tail hunter claw, tail hunter hair, tail hunter back item, tail hunter suit, villagers refuge helmet, villagers refuge suit, CHICK PET.
Sasakyoma attacked Fire Village and they caught all the tail beasts in the village! The Fire Village is in Danger! Kage hopes ninjas can unite to against Sasakyoma, so we could save the tail beasts as soon as possible! Therefore, PVP will be closed until you save them all.
Yet, no need to be upset, because I know you must love those 4th Anniversary events that we’ve specially prepared for you. You’ll be surprised.

How to Use Cheat 4th Anniversary Battle Free Pet Chick

Cheat Engine

1. Open cheat engine
2. Change the value of 4 bytes to "Array of bytes"
3. Cheklis "Also Scan Read Only Memory"
4. Scan this code 62 04 D3 24 64 A3 A2
5. If you've met one address, the address double up move down
6. Value Change the address to 62 04 D3 24 64 A0 A2
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Cheat 4th Anniversary Battle Free Pet Chick Ninja Saga 2013

Tutorial Video :
Click Here

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